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Hello. This is a home of my personal collection of audiobooks. I am greatly appreciate your attention. Please, note, that this site do not contain any illegal content.

Audiobooks by author(filled in manually, I have much more boooks on my drives)

Wanted audiobooksOnly existing books I couldn't download

I am looking for a source of ebooks about science (especially, computer science) and business (I have a plenty of fiction books, but fiction is not everything in this life). I would be grateful, if you share a some useful link with me, or a private tracker invite. I am prety familiar with major public torrent trackers, and DDL resources, such as Awaxhome and Lib Genesis, but its not enough. Use the email below to contact me.

If you like, what I do for the community and you in person, you can support me via donation

Bitcoin: 13Dzxqb3McY3VqxeDCVJs28cYptSrDoHC5

Every penny will be spent on community infrastructure: backup drives, faster connection, dedicated ip and so on. I will manage it by myself (somehow), but it will be much easier with your help.

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Where you can get an audiobook?

Use Google and Wikipedia for more details and unfamiliar words.

You always can try to reach me via email: blistener[at]